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Smart Bidet Toilet Seat SplashLet 1300RB (Pre-order)

Smart Bidet Toilet Seat SplashLet 1300RB (Pre-order)

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Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat BrookPad SplashLet 1300RB

It is possible to install a smart toilet with a bidet and wash function in a standard toilet bowl. It is an electric toilet seat with a slim seat and a single, adjustable stainless steel nozzle. On the Nozzle, there are two different water control valves that regulate the bidet and backwash functions. The device may be controlled by a tiny side panel or a remote control.
Water pressure, temperature, and nozzle location may all be controlled remotely. When the wash mode is selected, the nozzles open up and a regulated pressure water jet shoots. Additionally, the nozzle is self-cleaning and uses water to wash itself before each usage. Along with the wash functions, one smart seat also has a heated toilet seat, a soft closing lid, a night light, children's wash, water massage, energy-saving mode, and a dryer.
You don't need to change or modify your toilet bowl! Installing it under an existing toilet seat is easy. The installation collection includes a selection of the most suitable pieces. Most common toilet bowl designs are compatible. The requirement for toilet paper has greatly decreased as a result of improved personal cleanliness.
The Ion Water Filters that come with the Japanese-style smart toilet seat will extend the life of your technology.
You can compare different features and choose the best Japanese-style toilet for you with the help of this comparison of the SplashLet bidet toilet seat functions.

Wash Function

Wash (rear washing):
Bidet (woman wash):
Turbo (intensive wash):
Oscillating washing:
Children auto mode:
Self-cleaning nozzle:

Smart Function

Heated seat:
Occupation seat sensor:
Soft closing:
Energy saving:
LED nightlight:
Stainless steal nozzle:
One touch release:
Stop function:
Auto (wash & dry):

Control Levels

Water temperature control (levels): 4
Water presure control (levels): 5
Seat temperature control (levels): 4
Nozzle positin control (levels): 5
Dry temperature contol (levels): 5

Control Type

Remote control:
Dual receviers:

Advanced Washing

Pulsation wash:
Aerated wash:
Advanced nozzle cleaning:

Advanced Function

Energy saving - 2 modes:

Fan System

Warm air dryer:

Water System

Hydraulic water supply:

Heating System

Continuous heating tank:


Metal Pipe:
Connection Pipe (cm): 60
Fixing plate:
Fixing screws:
Metal T-piece 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2":
Adaptor 1/2" to 3/8":


Length (mm): 496
Width (mm): 406
Height (mm): 145

Technical Details

Maximum (Watt): 870
Water heater (Watt): 800
Seat heater (Watt): 55
Dryer (Watt): 250
Voltage: 230
Electric cord side: L
Water pipe side: R
Made in: KR
Total functions: 30
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