Collection: Smart Toilets

Welcome to our page dedicated to smart toilets! If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom and sanitation routine, the SplashLet bathroom bidet solution is the perfect choice.

With SplashLet, you can transform your toilet into a smart toilet or add a bidet for the first time, enjoying all the benefits of a wash, bidet mist, turbo wash, heated seat, cleaning, deodorization, energy saving, and more. These smart toilets are available with both a remote control and a side panel that is attached to the seat, giving you the flexibility to customize your wash experience and create a futuristic look.

By using a smart toilet with a water wash, you can greatly improve your comfort and personal hygiene, and you may even find that you no longer need to use toilet paper. Installation is easy, and you can compare different SplashLet models using our website. Be sure to visit our blog for up-to-date information on bathroom, health, and lifestyle design trends, and don't forget to check out our great deals – you'll find everything you need here to get a good deal on a smart toilet.